Wire eroding

When using wire erosion, you can machine on 2 axes (X and Y) running the same contours at both ends of the piece being worked on. Wire eroding can be used when creating keyways, splines and various other shapes.
One can also machine complex parts requiring sharply angled, conical or other unusual shapes when using wire erosion methods.

Electrically conductive materials are particularly suited for wire eroding

Any material that conducts electricity can be worked on with wire erosion. Thus we are also able to work on naturally hard materials, and process hardened materials such as titanium, Inconel, Duplex etc.

If the parts or components you require have special contours, wire eroding might be the best method of production.

Extreme precision

Wire eroding has a very high degree of precision as well, and we can achieve tolerances down to +/- 0.002 mm. The surface roughness after machining is normally 2.3 Ra, but we can further enhance this down to 0.2 Ra if your assignment requires it.

Please contact us for more information about wire eroding.