Do you have equipment or machine parts in need of repair or replacement?

We are committed to quality, innovation and efficiency. When producing parts to a set of specifications, the machinery of your chosen supplier will be very important. Salte AS uses ten machines with die-sink erosion and wire erosion capabilities as our primary means of production. Our machines come from the most reputable vendors. The machines are regularly maintained so that avoid production stop.

We carry out repair work by the same erosion techniques, to remove screws, pins or dowel from machine parts. One of our recent acquisitions, a Cammann C30 SQSS, is used solely for the removal of snapped or broken hardened drill bits, and similarly broken and stuck tools.

With a total of 10 machines, we can quickly supply you with both repairs and production. We can also modify pre-machined parts on demand.

You can find some examples of our previous work by clicking here.

For other production related inquiries, please contact us by phone or email.