Advanced, precision metalworking

Salte AS have chosen to specialise in the metalworking methods of Wire Eroding, and Spark Eroding (also called Die-sink Eroding). These metalworking techniques allow for new and exciting possibilities in design and construction. Wire eroding makes possible an extremely high degree of precision in machining. Die-sink eroding allows us to create shapes and contours that aren't possible with traditional machining and milling.

Every assignment in metalworking requires its own approach in order to achieve perfection, and from our many years of experience in this business we are prepared and equipped to deal with whatever challenges may arise during a project. As a seasoned company that takes a lot of pride in our work, it's natural for us to put your needs above all.

Solid expertise and years of experience

Since the creation of our company, we have positioned ourselves as a trustworthy partner for machining and metalwork. Our prioritisation of forward-looking solutions enable us to offer machining of very high standards. Due to many years of experience in metalworking, we have developed a certain expertise which allows us to take on demanding and complex assignments in this field.

If you have any questions regarding our metalworking capabilities, please contact us either by email or by phoning us.