Salte AS – An experienced and well equipped mechanical workshop

Salte AS is a renowned mechanical firm,  known for having solid expertise in machining with wire eroding and die-sinking. Where many other mechanical workshops see limitations, we see opportunities. We machine parts within microns precision, and have equipment that can machine both small and large parts.

Proper equipment and quality materials

We mainly use erosion based machining equipment, more specifically wire eroding and die-sink eroding machines (sometimes referred to as wire sparking and die sparking). Our equipment is "state of the art", and our staff has extensive experience in creating highly complex structures.

From prototype to finished product

Our mechanical workshop can assist with both replacement of existing parts, and production of new parts for your latest project.

As a service-oriented company we adapt our delivery to your needs. Whether this is a singular task or mass production, your needs will be at the center of activities.

If you have any questions as to what service our workshop can provide, please contact us either by email or telephone.