Experienced provider of machining services

Since our inception in 2007, Salte AS has established itself as a specialist in machining services, and our tool shop machinery is both flexible and reliable. We can machine contours that simply aren't achievable by regular milling or lathe work, and we accomplish it with a great degree of precision. All of our machines are capable of working with very complex structures.

We have chosen to specialise in wire eroding and spark eroding. Because we have a wide range of experience from various mechanical industries we are well suited to develop specialised parts for most any purpose.

Our machinery is equipped to machine inconel, titanium, hardmetal, carbide and other hardened materials as well. Simply put, if your chosen material has electrical conductivity, then we can machine it. Our experienced crew puts quality above all, and will ensure perfect results.

There are a lot of possilities when it comes to this type of production, and we are always open to new ideas. We will go to great lengths to fulfill the wishes and requests of our customers, and are constantly looking for new ways to utilise our equipment.


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