Design og innovation

Salte AS machines innovative product in metal for you by wire erosion and spark erosion. We need a drawing of your product to machine the product. Salte AS has a good dialogue with our customers in the process leading to the finished product.

It might be only a small part of the product that is not possible to perform by other types of machining. If so, Salte AS receives the semi-product and perform machining of the innovative design by wire erosion and/ or spark erosion.

Design and innovation are keywords for machining that can be performed at Salte AS.

By wire erosion, it is possible to machine internal contours with sharp corner, thin grooves and other designes in metal, providing multiple solutions and opportunities.

Spark erosion, where we use an electrode for machining an opposite contour, can be used for a number of innovative design solutions.

The accuracy and surface roughness achieved is very good.  Currently, no other machining methods can achieve this good accuracy of special contours. If you have a drawing of your innovative design in metal, please contact Salte AS and let us together find the best solution.