Eroding, spark machining

Salte AS uses eroding techniques to achieve exciting new possibilities in the machining world. With the advent of eroding (both wire eroding and die-sink eroding/spark eroding), we can construct or machine inventive new products. With advanced eroding techniques you have a host of additional options compared to traditional machining, many of which allow for increased precision in design and execution - even when working with tempered metals and especially hard alloys.

We are a renowned actor for machining and eroding, with a long list of satisfied clients. Our company values quality in every step of an assignment, from the early planning stages and all the way through to finished product. In order to ensure the final product is tailored to your needs and specifications, we find it important to have a good dialogue.

We are a specialist company

Our company is characterized by great professional pride. This is demonstrated by our continuous dedication in keeping our knowledge up to date. We are a company based on solid expertise, and we believe that the solutions we offer are industry leading in the eroding and machining fields.

If you have any questions regarding our offerings in Eroding, please contact us by phone or email.