Die-sink erosion creates new possibilities

We use die-sink eroding to create shapes that normally cannot be machined by any other means. This lets us produce a variety of contours, cavities and spars in parts for our customers, parts that meet the specific needs of the oil industry and other industries.

With our sizeable machine park we have the capacity to take on large assignments, and we execute with pinpoint accuracy every time. This method of spark erosion is particularly suitable for forming metals where traditional methods of processing like milling or lathes are insufficient.

We can perform precision work and deliver products of extremely high quality. Die-sink erosion is commonly used in cases where other means of machining are not possible, and the process itself does not induce any tensions or stress in the metals being worked on.

Rapid delivery, to specifications of any complexity

Salte AS is always prepared to find the best possible method of production and technology for the task at hand, so that we may provide the best possible service to our customers. Our can-do attitude combined with the experience of our staff have made us a preferred partner for many demanding customers.

We appreciate a good challenge, and can assist you from the design phase, through prototyping, and all the way to mass production if need be.

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