Calibration blocks for nondestructive material testing


Salte AS produce notches, EDM Notches, in calibration blocks by die-sink eroding for your nondestructive material testing with ultrasonics. We die-sink notches for this purpose with width downward to 0.2mm.


Charpy V-notch

Salte AS use wire erosion to machine charpy V-notch for your material testing /Charpy V-notch test.


Flat bottom hole

Salte AS use die-sink to produce flat bottom hole, FBH, in calibration blocks for your firm to test the properties of the material and welding. Our machinery is equipped to machine Inconel, Titanium and other hardened materials as well. Simply put, if your chosen material conducts electricity, we can machine it. Our experienced crew puts quality above all, and will ensure perfect results.


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