Experienced and service-minded

Salte AS has extensive experience and solid technical know-how with wire eroding and die-sink eroding. We know the importance of proper tensioning, and are passionate about details and precision in our work. With a total ten machines we also have a large capacity for work, and can deliver quickly.

Salte AS originates from Salte Mek AS.
You will recognise our high level of service and dedication in our production.
We are proud of the work we do. This is our main driving force.

Solutions to the most complex and challenging tasks

Wire eroding and die-sinking gives new and exciting design possibilites compared to traditional construction and production methods.
They are also the most precise method for machining hardened metals or special alloys. Wire eroding is extremely accurate and can achieve tolerances of up to +/- 0.002mm. We are also able to rework existing pieces with sizes going up to X 800, Y 600, Z 500 mm.
With wire eroding, a surface roughness of 0,2 Ra is achievable. If there are no particular requirements for surface finishing, the standard surface roughness after burning/cutting will be ca. 2,3 Ra.

Wire eroding and die-sinking are especially effective methods of producing tools and stamping presses, and parts whose structural design makes them infeasible to produce in other ways. The methods are also well suited for both prototyping and serial production.

The processes do not add any tension to the metals, or alter any mechanical properties of the piece being worked on.